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What People are Saying

Femme Tarot is not only the real deal, but she is also one of the most talented psychics I have encountered. I have seen how she has helped myself and countless others on my platform be forever changed by her predictions and intuitive guidance. Our celebrity tarot readings have repeatedly been proven accurate time and time again. Femme Tarot is not just a psychic. She is a healer. Her gifts provides so much clarity and reassurance for those that may desperately need it. The amount of work she puts into her craft is unlike any other tarot reader I have seen. You can trust that her intention is good and always out for your greater healing.

KempireKing of Pop Culture, Podcaster, YouTube Content Creator

I recently had a life-changing experience with Nathalie at Femme Tarot. When I made my appointment, I was seeking guidance on where to pivot next in my life. Little did I know that Nathalie would connect me with my father who had passed the year before. The clarity and closure that I received from that experience were absolutely priceless. Nathalie's gifts and guidance have helped me navigate life in a way that feeds my soul and brings my dreams to life. I am forever grateful for Nathalie and her amazing abilities, and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance and direction in their life.

Georgio TakounakisTik Tok & YouTube Content Creator, Podcaster

I was introduced to Nathalie via YouTube. Although skeptical about booking a session, I’m so happy I did! Nathalie’s insight and guidance lifted a weight of darkness off my shoulders. She helped me understand my feelings and learn how to shift my energy into positivity and brightness. Nathalie exudes so many talents, but most of all she takes the time to listen and acknowledge her clients. I have sent many of my friends to Femme Tarot and they have all equally complimented her ability to reach them on an unexplainable level. Femme Tarot is a compass for the spirit and will always point you in the direction needed. Thank you, Nathalie!

Jason BerrentYouTube Content Creator

I had been following Nathalie on You Tube for a while. I was fascinated by her precise predictions and loved how warm, empathetic and engaging she was. She has an amazing way of putting you instantly at ease with her calm, loving, nurturing personality and approach. She is a special light and gift to this planet - a spiritual powerhouse. She is so accurate, so on point, it’s incredible. She is a true lightworker, her gift is real, she has exceptional psychic abilities and at the end of our sessions I feel fully centered, and ready to take on the world. I’m filled with gratitude our paths have crossed.
Nathalie is the real deal.

Annie AshdownSpeaker, Best Selling Author, Mindset Mentor, Business Coach, Intuitive Hypnotherapist

I had the pleasure of working with Nathalie and it was truly a life-changing experience. I was struggling with my career and feeling lost when I scheduled my appointment. Nathalie's guidance and insight helped me find clarity on where I wanted to go next in my career, and what steps I needed to take to get there. Additionally, Nathalie was able to connect me with my mother who had passed away, and give me closure on things I wouldn't have been able to reconcile on my own. It was an incredibly emotional experience, but I left feeling lighter and with a renewed sense of purpose. I highly recommend booking a session with Nathalie - her gifts are truly remarkable, and she has a way of connecting with her clients that is truly special. I'm so grateful that I took the leap and worked with her, and only wish I had done it sooner.

Jeffrey HadidPotomac, United States

I have had readings with Nathalie multiple times and trust and believe that she's the real deal. She is so kind and understanding and such a bright light. I adore her.

Trish J.Texas, USA

Femme Tarot is the real deal. I found Nathalie on YouTube while she was giving a live reading. I was amazed! I knew I had to book a reading. After having a life-changing experience, I was lost. Where do I go from here? What’s my purpose?She was able to pick up on the struggle i was going through and that i found myself at a crossroads. Her accuracy in my reading made me sign up for spiritual coaching. Nathalie has given me so much detail and perspective that have helped me push through my anxiety. She helps redirect me and helps me knock down road blocks.
Femme Tarot is the BEST OF THE BEST!

Priscilla Y.California, USA

Wow, I don't even know where to begin! My readings with Nathalie have been incredibly extraordinary. I was immensely nervous before my first reading (I never had a reading before), and she created such a relaxing, authentic, and warm environment that immediately brought me peace. Nathalie and I have had a few readings now, and each time they inspire hope, harmony, and optimism. Nathalie encompasses a true gift, and it is evident that she yearns to share it with her clients and coach them through their own spiritual journeys. In addition, Nathalie embodies genuine compassion and empathy for each of her clients. You will not regret booking an appointment with Nathalie; you will leave it feeling loved, lighter, and encouraged. I vastly appreciate Nathalie and all she has done for me; my experiences with her have been life-changing. Nathalie, thank you for willingly sharing your gift with us.

Amber PageNorth Carolina, USA

Using Femme Tarot for all my readings has changed my life for the better. It has given me the opportunity to experience a life-changing moment. It's more than just a simple reading; it provides me with a new vision and perspective. Every time I have a reading with her, I feel safe and able to speak from the heart to someone who takes the time to listen to me. She has helped me on my journey towards healing and living my life to the fullest rather than just surviving. Meeting her and having a reading with her has forever changed my life for the better.

Gabrielle BenoitParis, France

I’m still stunned and processing the intricate information Nathalie gave me. I had a list of questions but non were asked of me as it wasn’t necessary. She answered those questions and more. Guidance about my current situation, what I wasn’t seeing, the why’s, what I most needed to know and address/heal was made clear with a swiftness. The accuracy of information, messages and instructions from mom and grandmother cannot be disputed. If I wasn’t told certain this as a child I would not have known. There is no way she could have known any of this. I’ve taken immediate action and standing in faith. I can’t thank Nathalie enough and as I journey through, I look forward to consulting with her in the future.

Judy M.New Jersey, USA

My reading was so spot on and insightful. She honestly helped me out of my depressive moment at the time and made me look at myself from a positive perspective. It's different hearing about your issues from a person who doesn't know you at all. Femme suggested that I write goals in a journal to help motivate myself and to as well just have a journal. That was the first time I actually took advice and it actually worked. After the overall reading I felt lighter and just a lot of things were answered that guided me in the next few months in life. I feel like I have grown since our last session and I can't wait until my next reading!

Jayla B.Ohio, USA

I decided to book a reading as a treat to myself for my birthday. Nathalie is not the first tarot reader/intuitive I have visited, but she is the first one I immediately trusted and felt she genuinely cared. She makes you feel comfortable and does not pass judgement... but she is direct with how you can improve your life and works with you to find answers. After our reading, I decided to purchase her coaching services. This is one of the best investments I have ever made. If you have any reservations about receiving a reading, I hope this review puts you at ease. You will never want to go to anyone else.

Errica B.Texas, USA

I tend to naturally get a bit nervous right before a call with Nathalie, but by the time we say hello and she asks how i'm doing I instantly feel at ease with her. She is so warm and inviting, easy to talk to and her cards always set the right intentions for me. She makes me feel more clear in my decision making and confirms intuitions that I already have. I've been able to connect with my father who has crossed over to the other side, and enjoy learning more about what the other side is like. I've never felt as many energies around me as I do when I'm connecting with Nathalie. If you are feeling confused, conflicted or maybe just curious about tarot and different spiritual experiences I would 100,000% recommend Femme Tarot, I personally have had a couple sessions now and often share with friends and coworkers about how I think everyone should at least give it a try. You will be surprised by what you can learn about yourself.

Anna S.N. Carolina, USA

I had been following Natalie on YouTube for a while but was hesitant about booking a reading. She has always been so accurate with her predictions that it almost seemed “too good to be true.” I even questioned if the callers on the channel were real and not part of an act. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to finally go for it and booked a reading in order to find out for myself. Boy am I glad I did. She is the real deal! She completely nailed the state of mind I was in and even answered questions I had, before I even had the opportunity to ask them. She predicted so many things that came true shortly after our appointment. We even discussed a high profile case and she gave me her professional prediction of what the outcome would be and she was right about that as well. Nathalie has such a positive energy and speaking to her is calming and very comforting. Following the reading, I felt happier and at peace because she gave me hope and clarity when my life needed guidance. I absolutely adore her now! Please, don’t hesitate to book your appointment, I wish I had done it sooner.

FrancisFlorida, USA

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